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 [TooL] Expiry Date Changer

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[TooL] Expiry Date Changer Empty
PostSubject: [TooL] Expiry Date Changer   [TooL] Expiry Date Changer EmptyTue Apr 26, 2011 11:17 pm


This is a simple program to complement with the GarenaMaster's Gold Membership Style by changing the Expiry date of your Gold Membership (client-sided) . Theoretically, this should only work on any REAL BASIC MEMBER accounts (I have not tested it with Gold Membership account) to protect people from frauds.

Quote :
January 30, 2011
- Added 'Disable Ads' feature
- Ads are shown but cannot be clicked
- Changes the 'Basic Member' to 'Gold Member'
- Gold Member Style won't be affected with
- Added a date detector
- Inputted data will be saved after running
the program to ease from typing again the
data needed

January 30, 2011
- 'Garena Zero (c) 2011' will be displayed on
the top left of the Garena client which means
that you used the program (security purposes)
- Blocked v0.2.3.0

January 30, 2011
- Fixed some bug
- Added a check once you used this, you won't
be able to use this again after your next
- Closed to prevent abuse

January 30, 2011
- Added a remote access to program
- Stop running the program when abused

* Since I haven't tested this with an account
with Gold Membership, and the method I used
here is only theoretically possible as of
now. Anyone who has Gold Membership, can
you test this and then tell me if this works
on your account. Thanks.

January 29, 2011
- First public release

[TooL] Expiry Date Changer Gg.exiry.date.gui
[TooL] Expiry Date Changer Gg.exiry.date.before
[TooL] Expiry Date Changer Gg.exiry.date.after
[TooL] Expiry Date Changer 84902325

VScan: Jotti
Download: Mediafire

All Credits Go To: GarenaZero

[TooL] Expiry Date Changer 47f948eb00f2941d67bba2f949c4430e
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[TooL] Expiry Date Changer
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