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 Game Overview - Basic Info - Advance Info

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Game Overview - Basic Info - Advance Info Empty
PostSubject: Game Overview - Basic Info - Advance Info   Game Overview - Basic Info - Advance Info EmptyThu Mar 31, 2011 12:20 am

Game Overview:

Game Overview

Battle of Immortals [or BOI] is a 2.5D MMOG. Inspired by Norse, Greek, Egyptian and Chinese Mythology, this fantasy based game gives players a game world rich in content and depth. The game offers players an abundant choices in customization in terms of their character's development, the game's rich pet system as well as the diverse mount system. Other features include a player-dictated market, the guild system, the quest system [which provides more opportunities for growth than simple grinding] as well as game content available in both instances and open-world areas. The wedding system as well as the Realm of Love are just some examples of the many social elements available within the game. BOI is a game that has something to offer to everyone.

Basic Info:

Game Overview - Basic Info - Advance Info Story

The realm of Motenia is still covered in war and chaos even though Ragnarok ended more than three centuries before. Grasping for any signs of peace and safety, the Goddess of Fate looked into the future in an attempt to guide the mortals of Motenia. But her efforts were rewarded by visions of an even greater disaster. A man called the “Dragon Emperor” would rise from his prison and usher in a new era of mayhem. In the past, the Dragon Emperor was infamous for his tyrannical and brutal regime. And for someone so loathed, there was no shortage of those who would see him deposed. The Dragon Emperor was busy quelling one rebellion after another. In time, one such group of elven rebels, known as the Witches of the Millennium, were successful in their attempt. Using ancient magic, they were able to seal the Dragon Emperor and his entire army in stone. The Goddess of Fate believed that the Dragon Emperor would soon free himself and his army from the curse of stone. Soon after his liberation, the world would be laid to waste. And so begins the summoning of great heroes and the search for powerful artifacts. The formation of an army that would withstand the might of the Dragon Emperor. Welcome to the Battle of Immortals!

Advance Info:


Atlantis owes much of its protection to the Order of the Paladins headed by the Knight Captain Maud. But despite their presence, evil monsters still threaten to overrun vast tracts of land due to their sheer number and ferocity. The paladins, thus, encourage heroes to help stem the overflow of evil.


The players first encounter with the Order of the Paladins is through Miesa [85, 201; Atlantis] soon after arriving in Atlantis. The paladin's burden is not an easy one, so players must reach a minimum of level 16 in order to be of any assistance in the war against evil. By selecting from any of the Paladin Edict Dealers, players can choose from a variety of Edicts that are applicable to the nearby area. Each Edict comes with details such as the required level range in order to successfully undertake and complete it. After picking an Edict that's suited to your level and abilities then you can proceed to the do your part in protecting Atlantis! After carrying out the Edict by slaying the vile monsters, the quest will automatically complete when all requirements are met. The paladins highly support any action that can reduce the armies of evil and thus allow up to 100 Paladin Edicts to be completed daily by any character.

The Rewards

Completing a Paladin's Edict gives characters an amount of experience appropriate to the level of the Edict. It's an added boost to the experience that character's gain from just normally killing monsters. But on top of the experience provided by the Edict, there is another reward given by the Order of the Paladins. Each completed Edict bestows upon the character anywhere from one to three Knight's Seal. The number of Seals gained depends on the difficulty of the Edict. Paladin Kano in Atlantis can exchange these Seals for reputation points with the Paladins. Players can turn in these Knight's Seals at any time but they can also be saved to be turned-in later on in batches of 10. Increasing your reputation with the Paladins gives you access to special orders to fight stronger opponents and titles!

The Paladins

Be sure to check your map when you enter a new area in the world. You may find a Paladin with Edicts for you all over the world and inside a few dungeons as well!
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Game Overview - Basic Info - Advance Info
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