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 Garena Host BOT 4.0

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PostSubject: Garena Host BOT 4.0   Garena Host BOT 4.0 EmptyWed Mar 30, 2011 11:36 pm

Garena HostBot v4.0
This is the 4'th host bot made for Garena. It's based of course on Varlock's job Ghost++ and GhostOne ( http://www.codelain.com/ ) but it's adapted only for Garena. It retains many of the original Ghost commands plus other specific for Garena. It has commands like !levels to show player levels, it can put restrictions on this (just like on countries) and it shows real player countries.

Garena Host BOT 4.0 Mainc0

Garena Host BOT 4.0 Main2i

It's very very simple to use, just a Start and Stop button. It creates a game, you join it and play.

Why use a hostbot ?
Play easier with your friends ! Add them to safelist (so they can always join your game, even if it's full), make them admins like you, hold slot for them and many more !
Total control over your game ! (ability to kick << on vote >>, mute, swap, ban players)
Ability to control the game latency !
Ability to auto-save games when someone is disconnected (for a later resuming)
And many many more

How to upgrade from older versions to v4.0 ? (and keep the banlist)
In your old garena hostbot installed directory there's a file called "ghost.dbs". In that file the bans are stored. After installing Garena HostBot v4.0 copy that file to the installation directory.

fixed country and level detection
fixed STATSDOTA, !sd now works and records player statistics
added modes tab
added phrases tab
added spoof detector (just warn or auto-kick options)
added command !say to send a message to all chat
added "autostart_players" in config for the game to autostart
moved credits to "welcome.txt" and "gameloaded.txt". You can now edit or remove them. Left only game ending credits hard coded.
added commands !manualban !mb !manualunban !mub - for banning and unbanning players even if they are/were not in the game (generic ban/unban)
added option to turn off country and level detection
added option to detect the country from the ip address or from garena info
added a message when joining a game for admins and safelisted players
added option to disable auto-hosting of a new game when the current one has finished
fixed allow downloads
disabled the ability for the host to read the enemy chat in console ! (was considered a hack )
many other tweaks and visual style modification

Note. You can view or edit your bans, the admins or the safelist players easy by going to the "Database" tab and then clock "Open database". Then select a table (admins, bans or safelisted) and view or make your changes.

Quote :

For the program to work you need to have these installed on your PC (install them if the program doesn't work):


Common Problem. You can join your game but others can't see it !
You need to check if your ports 6112 to 6119 are opened or forwarded. Thre's a utility that checks if your ports are opened: PortForward.com - Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall , if they're closed Garena Host Bot won't work. If you have a router find out how to forward your ports on that site.

Guides and tutorials will be available soon !

Some of the available commands:

Credits : GarenaHack-er
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Garena Host BOT 4.0
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