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 Photos you wont believe are not photoshopped!

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PostSubject: Photos you wont believe are not photoshopped!    Sat Apr 02, 2011 2:20 am

So many traffic lights in one place truly must be photoshopped. Wrong! This is in fact a sculpture found in London, England.

One half of this outstanding photo is a mirror; the other half is clear glass with a different girl standing outside. It looks incredible.

These yellow letters are not hanging from the ceiling or floating in the air, they hold a different secret. The artist adjusted the angles of the letters to be seen from an appropriate perspective thus making an optical illusion.

This levitation trick in front of bunch of people was successful. But this guy wasn’t levitating, he was holding onto a fake arm attached to the wall.

A Japanese art student came to an idea to do a diploma work where he would blend into a background. He was very successful, as you can see.

You won’t believe that this photo is not photoshoopped. However, this artist uses various tricks such as mirror, metal wires, scaffolding and acrobatics to create these unbelievable photos.

How is it possible that this water tap is flowing in air? The truth is it isn’t. There is actually a pipe going through the water flowing down and in that way it’s holding the whole thing.

This headless horse would freak anyone out. This photo is either photoshopped or work of a great artist. The truth is that this guy was lucky to capture the moment when the horse turned his head to the other side.
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Photos you wont believe are not photoshopped!
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